Built by Edward III in the 13th century, Caernarfon castle is one of the most impressive castles in Britain. Situated in Gwynedd on the north-west coast of Wales it is an enormous structure unlike any castle still standing in Ireland. Along with with several other castles in the region including Conwy and Beaumaris it was constructed in reaction to Welsh revolts in the 13th century.

Costing an astronomical £20,000 at the time Edward felt it was a better use of resources than endless wars. Although never completed Caernarfon is a truly enormous construction and is only second to Conwy in its imposing nature. The design was influenced by the walls of Constantinople which Edward had seen when on crusade.Like all Edward’s castles in North Wales, Caernarfon was built with defence in mind and is situated on the coast so it could be supplied from the sea in a siege. Due to the fact Caernarfon was never complete we get an insight into how medieval castle walls were constructed as you can see in the virtual tour below.

The slide show moves quite fast, but if you click stop  you can manually move through the photos at your pace

Getting to North Wales  from Ireland is relatively easy. Several ferry services run from Dublin to Hollyhead daily and from there it easy to take a train to Bangor. At Bangor you can either get a bus to Caernarfon castles or continue on the train to the equally amazing Conwy Castle.

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