Immerse Yourself in History

Dublin is a city steeped in fascinating history. Each street tells a story, written in bricks and mortar. None however, compares to the story of the Great Famine which played out in Dublin’s streets in the 1840s. Triggered by a failure of the potato crop in 1845, the Great Famine changed Ireland and indeed the world forever.

One million people perished while many more had fled the island to escape the Famine. By 1860, for example, one in four New Yorkers (over 200,000 people) had been born in Ireland.

Over the course of two hours the this unique tour will immerse you in the 1840s, an experience enhanced by sound effects played through special devices.

As your tour leader navigates through what were once slums, military compounds and prisons you will hear the sounds of the city & accounts of Dubliners long dead in the very locations they took place.

These include stories of:

  • How the Great Irish Famine affected Dublin
  • The shocking details and sounds of daily life in slums in Victorian Dublin
  • Families fleeing famine in the hope of finding a better life.
  • Inmates in the city prisons & Women transported to Australia for  stealing food during the Famine
  • How people survived the famine

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