Photo: Franc Myles

This find by archaeologist Franc Myles in May Lane Smithfield, Dublin deeply personalises the past, highlighting what must have been a tragedy in a now long forgotten family’s life. Following on from the find of other human remains on Friday on the same site, the remains of this child was excavated over the weekend.

Speaking of the find Franc said

“The second remains excavated under May Lane were those of a child, aged perhaps 4 or 5. The child had been wrapped in a shroud and then placed in a small coffin, sometime between about 1650 and 1680. He or she was buried in St. Michan’s church yard (it’s obviously much smaller now) at the same level as the first, adult burial, but slightly further to the east. Where child burials are perhaps especially poignant, this wee one had the hands placed over the pelvis with the thumbs seemingly extended, the tips touching each other. DCC and the contractors have redesigned the level of the pipe to run above the burial soil and hopefully we’ll allow any other bodies rest where they are.”

Franc will be writing an extensive article about the find on his blog

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