Welcome to Irishhistorypodcast.ie. This website accompanies the podcast series The Irish history podcast.

Over the various podcasts I hope to investigate Irish history from the Early Medieval Period, wading through truths, half truths, lies and propaganda and give my take on what happened.

For each episode I’ll stick up an article about the history period we are discussing. So the first article is Ireland’s Interaction with Rome.

I am going to try  avoid any academic or nerdy debates such as when St Patrick was born or what time of the day Brian Boru died. Some dates are important but most are not. Histories about exact dates them are like sports fans debating over the exact second a goal was scored. It’s not as important as the build up, the result and what the score means for the team.

To explain places I will use the four Irish provinces as a reference rather than counties which will only get confusing. To the left  is a map with the provinces. These provinces are useful because they originate very early in Irish history where as some counties are relatively recent. Instead of the confusing multilingual and religious A.D./B.C. divide in history I will use the more appropriate, C.E. (common era) instead of AD and B.C.E. (before common era) instead of B.C.

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  1. Jason on

    Hi Fin,

    I’ve been listening to and enjoying your first podcast. Good work. One thing you might want to check is the recording volume. Maybe play a few other podcasts and then without adjusting the volume play yours. It seems a good bit quieter. I wasn’t able to hear it properly on my headphones even with the volume up full.

    Cheers Jason

  2. Tessa on

    Excellent podcast!!! Found this podcast while browsing for new material and am waiting for the 3rd installment – interesting and entertaining. Thanks so much.


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