My second book which is on The Black Death is nearing completion and I have started to think about publicity and launches. The hard copy (as opposed to audio) launch, which will happen sometime in early 2016, is a relatively straightforward process – lots of books, a nice venue and people like yourself. What could go wrong?

Audiobook launches are a little more tricky. Given it will be now available months before the hard copy I would like to to mark it and I am planning a launch of the audiobook on its own.

However I am not entirely sure how you launch an audiobook? It has the potential to be pretty uninspiring. I had this vision of people turning up to watch me press a button on a laptop and tell them the book is now available online. Book launches are about getting the book surely? You walk a way with something in your hand. With CDs consigned to history how do you launch an mp3 file in the 21st century?


After kicking around a few ideas with my flatmates, I came up with something that I think will make the audio launch unique and a worthwhile event.

The launch will take the usual format – I will read a few small excerpts and briefly discuss the book. When you attend you will receive the book on a unique audio USB card. This will allow me to add maps and brief biographies of the main characters (find out about them here) on this commissioned card. They are about the size of a standard bank card with a fold out USB device. They look like the one pcitured below (instead of audi logo it will have the book logo). I have created a facebook page for the launch here so sign up now to keep up to speed with the exact date of the launch!


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