Since starting my latest book on the Black Death “1348: A Medieval Apocalypse” I have been keen to involve you, the audience, as much as possible. Therefore when it came to funding and publishing the book, I felt trying something new made most sense. Rather than use a publishing house, I have decided to crowd-fund the money needed to produce this book.

Crowd-funding is a process whereby I get to work directly with you the audience to fund the book, effectively cutting out the middleman of publishers. This means people like you who are interested in history each fund a small part of the book – essentially you become the publisher! Find out how to fund this book here.

In return as publishers you will receive at a minimum an audiobook and a book poster. There are other really cool rewards – such as tours and a copy of a signed hardback limited first edition of the book (only 100 will be printed). For more check out this video here…

You can fund the book here.

This is an exciting project with the potential to change the way Irish history is produced. If successful it opens the possibility for you, the history fan, to have much greater control over what you read & listen to by funding what you like.

I hope you will get behind this project and fund ‘1348: A Medieval Apocalypse – The Black Death in Ireland’. Lets make history! Find out how to fund the book here!



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