This is Marko Zekov Popović. Popović was famous for being a member of the Member of the  “Montenegrin National Committee”, Hereditary Royal Standard Bearer of Montenegro and author of the 1926 book “Where is Montenegro? The Martyrdom of a Small Nation”. A mover and shaker in the Balkans in the 1910’s oddly his cremated remains lie in Christchurch Cathedral along side Strongbow.

Why this early 20th century Montenegrin nationalist, soldier and politician has Dublin as his final resting place is far from clear. He appears to have had no obvious connection to Ireland or Dublin. He didn’t even die in Ireland – he passed on in London on October  26, 1934.

Popović was cremated and his ashes were brought to Dublin where they were put in an ornate casket in the Southern Aisle of Christchurch with an accompanying plaque.

Why Popovic was afforded such a prominent place in the Cathedral usually the preserve of the Dublin’s elite is not clear.

Anyone have any ideas as to how and why he ended up so far from home?

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  1. Nebojša on

    This is extract from a montenegrin source: Umro je 22. novembra 1978. godine. Otišao je posljednji ratnik iz dinastije Petrovića koji je svoju domovinu branio puškom i perom. Sahranjen je u gradu Limeriku pred katedralom Svete Marije. Proveo je čitav život u izgnanstvu, aktivno se boreći na okupljanju crnogorske emigracije i kao moralan čovjek nikad nije stupao u kontakt sa Srbima. Čuvao je urnu majora Marka Popovića, alajbarjaktara i bivšeg komandira kraljeve garde, sa kojim je često zajedno putovao po svijetu i dijelio sudbinu izgnanstva. Njegova kćer Milena Thompson objavila je knjigu “Moj otac princ”

    Basicaly. The urn was put there by Prince Milo Petrović or his daughter Milena Thompson. Prince Milo Petrović who died in Limerick and buried in cathedral of st.Mary. It is stated in this extract that Prince Petrović was keeping the ashes of late Marko Zekov Popović .
    Milenta Thompson published a book “My father – the prince”


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