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12 podcasts of Christmas

12 of my favourite episodes to get you through the Christmas Chaos

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Communism and Coal

For three centuries the town of Castlecomer in North Co. Kilkenny staged one of the most fascinating but forgotten struggles in Irish history.

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Fatal Feuds

Fatal Feuds tells the gripping story of the most ruthless feuds in Medieval Ireland. The rise and fall of the de Burgh family is a real life of Game of Thrones!

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High Kings and Vikings

Highkings dominated Ireland for centuries. However from 800 onwards they faced a new challenge - the Vikings.

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Ireland's Nazi Commando

The strange story of how the one time Nazi commando and wanted war criminal took refuge in Ireland

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Maamtrasna Murders

In August 1882, the remote community of Maamtrasna on the Mayo-Galway border made headlines around the world.

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Medieval Life

From battlefields and violence to bedrooms and sex, this series looks at medieval Ireland was really like.

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Modern Irish History

This podcast series looks at everything from the IRA to story of Nazi war criminals who sought refuge in Ireland after the war.

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Norman Invasion

In 1170 a Norman Lord waded ashore in Waterford with an army. Decades of battles, sieges & conquest had just began...

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Between 1936 and 1939 hundreds of Irish people fought in the Spanish Civil War. Hear their fascinating stories...

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Phoenix Park Murders

In 1882 the Phoenix Park Murders shocked Ireland. The story of the killings and the subsequent manhunt is intriguing.

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The Great Famine

Between 1845 - 1852 around one million Irish people perished during the Great Hunger - Ireland would never be the same again.

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Witches & Witchcraft

Our ancestors believed in magic, witches and demons - beliefs which saw numerous people killed - the last of whom was burned in 1895!

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